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    Artist Spotlight - Maia Mitchell

    Artist Spotlight - Maia Mitchell










    On-screen, Maia Mitchell plays the classic all-American teenager in the hit show The Fosters, but in real life, she’s a bubbly millennial who holds true to her roots from Down Under.







    The budding actress got her start acting in school plays and local theater productions in Australia, starring in several local shows, such as the children’s series Mortified, Trapped, and Castaway before catching the attention of Disney Channel producers. She’s since risen to prominence through her role as “Mack” in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie franchise. Relocating to the U.S. hasn’t appeared to make Mitchell’s swoon-worthy accent falter though. And one of her greatest feats has been her ability to rapidly bury it to become flawlessly American. The rising star jokes, however, that she promised her “mum” that her efforts to be convincingly American won’t impair her from speaking off-screen in her native tongue. “She’d kill me if I had American accent,” she admits with a smirk.







    Mitchell is portraying “Callie Jacob” on ABC Family’s series The Fosters, a show that Mitchell is extremely grateful to be a part of. The role has opened her up to a new realm of acting, tackling issues such as growing up in an abusive home, being fostered by a bi-racial lesbian couple, and exploring feelings for adopted brother Brandon (David Lambert).“I’m super proud and lucky to be on a show that is pushing some barriers and maybe opening people up to things they haven’t seen or types of families they haven’t seen before,” says the budding actress. “It’s super cool.” And after three seasons on the show, a blossoming fandom, and the success of the Teen Beach franchise, it’s clear that Mitchell’s career is just getting started.







    “Maia is the most talented younger actor that I've ever had the pleasure working with,” says The Fosters creator Bradley Bredeweg. “When we first started, she had such an honest and pure way in, wide-eyed and excited about the process and the show that we were putting out into the world. She always plays each moment straight from the heart. To watch her grow and become the incredible young woman that she is today, now three seasons later, has been one of the most cherished experiences of my career. I'm a lucky man to have Maia around!”




    Artist Spotlight - Nolan Funk

    Artist Spotlight - Nolan Funk








    Nolan Funk is extremely down to earth. He playfully shrugs off any mention of his ever-growing female audience, and jokes that he refrains from paying attention to all that external noise. “I never really spent too much time thinking about what it means, all of this,” he tells us. “I just feel really grateful.”








    Sincerity and a dedicated work ethic has gotten the actor far in just about everything that he’s tackled throughout his career. Prior to his breakthrough role of portraying Nikko Alexander in Nickelodeon’s TV movie Spectacular!, the Canadian native competed as a national gymnast and diver. It was in those days that Funk learned what it meant to climb out of his comfort zone and express himself in front of an audience. “I was an athlete first so that in itself was kind of a performance,” he explains. From there, his career took off, landing him the recurring role of Hunter Clarington on Glee, Collin Jennings in Awkward, and Luna, alongside Vin Diesel, in the Sci-Fi thriller, Riddick.






    Funk, who jokes that his audience often sees him as “the villain,” is currently in the midst of promoting his latest cinematic endeavor, a coming-of-age adventure drama titled Wildlike where he stars opposite Ella Purnell.








    He says that the role is one he hopes that fans pay extra close attention to as it pushed him out of his typical on-screen bad boy antics. “There is a sensitivity to Tommy,” says Funk. “I feel like I haven’t been able to play that yet. Being able to show a softer side is exciting for me because I don’t think people think of me in that way.”





    Artist Spotlight - Taissa Farmiga

    Artist Spotlight - Taissa Farmiga










    Taissa Farmiga has quickly become a unique, memorable presence on both the big and small screens. She has an endlessly-watchable quality that you can’t get enough of - whether it’s on film in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring or in real life on the set of a photo shoot. Even if you can't define her oddball charisma, you know it when you see it.







    Taissa got her start in film at the age of 15 when her older sister Vera Farmiga cast her in 2011’s Higher Ground. But it was Ryan Murphy who put Taissa on the map by casting her as Violet Harmon in the first season of his hit series American Horror Story. Playing opposite Jessica Lange and Evan Peters, Taissa demonstrated a chilling depth with her acting prowess, earning her another key role on the third season of the show.








    The critically-acclaimed series has repeatedly dominated the Emmy Awards, earning 54 nominations over its first three seasons. And in just four short years, Taissa has become one of Hollywood’s most promising young actresses.







    “It’s like watching a peony explode, witnessing Taissa become a woman,” big sis Vera gushes. “She is mid-bloom right now and she is outrageously beautiful. Her cheekiness is in full swell, it’s lush and mischievous. I love laughing with her, always will. I love watching her prance about her life like some mythical unicorn.”